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Cocktrap here.  This blog is for all things “cocktrap”.  A cocktrap is a metal male chastity device that denies the wearer erections, masturbation and orgasms.  I, Cocktrap, am a wearer of this device (with the permission of my Domina).  This unique device is a metal ring that goes around the base of the testicles and around the penis.  Then a metal rod inserts up through the urethra to behind the metal ring.  Another joining rod from the one up the urethra circles to on top of the penis and locks to the metal ring making it inescapable.  You can visit the manufacturer’s site at  I, Cocktrap, am not the owner or manufacturer of the device and am completely unrelated in any way.  This is an independent blog.  Let’s blog!



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The question is asked, “If the penis is fully exposed, then why can’t you masturbate?”  Good question.  Yes, you can touch your penis.  You cannot put your hand around the penis because it is bent lower against the testicles in the scrotum so you can only touch the top and outside.  However, once the erection starts to form the pain begins.  Two things happen.  The rod is too short to accommodate the erect penis so it is jammed against the end which is the one rod and that is an “ouchy” pressure point.   Secondly, the rod is bent so the penis can never straighten.  The urethra receives significant pressure from the penis wanting to become straight but can’t.  If there are people who can masturbate without an erection then this device is not for them.  It is also not a device for Dom’s that don’t want their subs to see or touch the penis.  It is for Dom’s who want access to the penis.  I hear that it is also a great device for Dom’s who want to use a little electricity now and then and the urethral rod is a great lightening rod!  Gulp!


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This cocktrap pictured is individually made by  As with other male chastity devices, there are issues.  First, the negative issues.

The extension at the end is there to keep the penis from curling up the outside rod or stretching out the opening of the penis.  I think that it would be unlikely that the penis would curl around the end of the device without it but, it is put there by the manufacturer.  He probably has tried it without the extended tip.  The problem is that the point can sort-of get caught in your undershorts.  My penis usually moves to one side of my pants even without a chastity device.  Once in a while, this point can be seen in the pants if it is “caught” because it is a point.

Additionally, urine washes around the inserted tube and washes off regular lubricant like KY jelly or baby oil.  The manufacturer recommends a non-petroleum product made by Alba.  It is more like a grease made from bee’s wax, I think, and lasts longer.

Due to the lock on the top of the ring and the external fastening rod on the top; the top is heavier and there is nothing on the underside of the penis.  Therefore, the ring tends to slide around which again causes the end to point to one side or the other.  Likely, only a counter-weight on the bottom of the ring would solve this problem.  Perhaps the ring can be made much larger on the bottom opposite where the lock attaches.

You definitely feel the rod behind the ring inside the urethra.  Maybe I’ll eventually toughen up on the inside.

Now the good points.

Easy to bathe or shower compared to male chastity devices that enclose the penis.  No stick pads or swab tips are needed.  You don’t need a squirt bottle to squirt inside an enclosed device.

You can scratch your penis if you have an itch.

Elegant and non-bulky.

No spacers to insert or lose.

No sweat or moisture to build-up as in the enclosed devices.

There are probably more good things to say but this is my list for now.

Picture wearing a Cocktrap

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Putting it on

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This device must be cleaned and sterilized before inserting.  Also, thoroughly wash your hands!  Be ready to buy some isopropyl alcohol to disinfect the urethral rod after washing it in hot soapy water.  The manufacturer also says you can cook it in a pressure cooker to sterilize it – somewhat like an autoclave in a hospital laboratory.  If you do, be sure to let it cool!  Then you need to lubricate the urethral rod with a water based or other lubricant.  For those familiar with other male chastity devices, the ring goes on first, one testicle at a time, then the penis through the ring.  Once that is secure and any erection is down, lubricate the urethral stainless steel rod and insert slowly.  It feels wierd the first time.  But it is not painful.  Then add the lock and you are in!  Since the urethral rod actually extends to behind the cock/testicle ring, it feels deep on me.  But you can’t pull out of the device like some guys can with other male chastity devices.  And, because it is metal, it has a very secure feeling but it is not bulky.  The ring looks like it was welded together and had a little bulge on the bottom of it and I was a bit disappointed at that at first, hoping it would be perfectly smooth.  The ring certainly is a lot thinner than the polycarbonate rings from the CBXXXX series devices.  I am also a wearer of one of those for any airport/metal detector experiences and use a plastic lock that can be bought.